Best bus from Cusco to Puno
cusco to puno bus price

In this post, you will best bus from Cusco to Puno, the different services available to travel from Cusco to Puno, direct buses, buses with stops, the route of the sun as know as Ruta del sol, and more.

Cusco to Puno buses and prices

Direct bus

There are buses from Cusco to Puno, but you must book in advance in order to have a seat available there are several companies Inka Express bus, Transzela, Cruz del Sur, and more but not all of them are safe you must pay attention to your suitcases,

Cusco Puno direct bus goes from the departure to the last destination the only exception is a quick stop whenever the drivers change for instance, but people aren’t hopping on and off the bus. These buses usually earn a couple of stops along the street. It turned out to be a quick drive from the middle.

Tourist Cusco to Puno bus or vice-versa

best bus from Cusco to Puno
 cusco to puno bus
 cusco to puno price

Several bus companies run the tourist bus route that is essential with a guide and stops at tourist sites on the route (known as the route of the sun or Ruta del sol in Spanish) We sell most of them. These services depart every day, they have fixed departs at times. If you want a private bus instead don’t neglect to tell me at what time do you will love to begin this service. All seats are very comfortable and all are clean and the guides are experts. If you require assistance locating a particular tour, please get in touch with us for more details we offer our customers the best experiences and guided tours.

You’ll have lunch at a restaurant on the way. You’ve got a free afternoon to relax and relish the city. If you would like to travel during the day from Cusco to Copacabana, you should devote the night to Puno, regardless of what the bus businesses at the bus stations tell you!

Following your tour, you’ll have plenty of time to check around or maybe do a number of the other treks which can be found in the surrounding mountains. After the guided tour, there’s some free time to go to the common handicrafts market and purchase some inexpensive souvenirs for the individuals back home!

During the trip, you’ll be in a position to observe, a broad array of scenic beauty. but by Plane Flying to key destinations within Peru is the sole practical way around the nation if you wish to see several places in a few weeks or less.

In the evening you’re going to be provided a pre-briefing on the journey you’ll be making and you’ll be shown all your vouchers for your upcoming trip. The bus trip is all about 7 hours. The itinerary is subject to change because of external conditions if needed. All our tours are totally guaranteed, with departure every single day. Tickets are likewise not transferable nor refundable. If you should book an airline ticket, we advise that you do so after you get a confirmation of your tour bus reservation.

After Cusco to Puno bus journey at your arrival, you will discover that the hotel is not so far just a quick drive from the arrival lounge. It is far better to check with the hotel’s reception desk ahead of making phone calls to prevent unexpected charges.

Cusco to Puno on your own

If you decide to organize your Cusco to Puno bus on your own you can go to the city bus terminal the very same day you intend to travel and visit the ticket counters of the several bus organizations to compare Cusco to Puno prices and solutions if there is a national party, special occasion, or high season for tourism the price will be very high even with bad buses.

To begin with, your hotel will likely not be there itself, which means you might have to arrange for a transfer anyway or take a taxi, taxi drivers don’t speak English just Spanish. Any charge to retrieve luggage will become your responsibility and you need to retain receipts to submit to your insurance policy provider. In all options, you have to check if it is good service or at least safe.

Reserve Cusco to Puno bus tickets

Recommendations to travel from Cusco to Puno

Choose one travel agency instead of bus stations, and check everything in advance your payment your information. If you buy a local SIM card with GSM is a good idea, however, you can frequently opt to have your phone unlocked and after that add a regional SIM card for lower fees. Cell Phones and Calling Cards You may want to carry a mobile phone when traveling.

Cusco to Puno bus prices may vary, you might want to book in advance because they fluctuate according to the season. The least expensive choice is to take one of the shared vans, also referred to as colectivos, but this option won’t be the best nor the safest. By Car Getting around Peru by way of a rental car isn’t the simplest or best solution for the fantastic majority of travelers. The mode of transport you decide to take is dependent on your own personal preference but is still difficult to rent a car in the southern part of Peru.

If your afternoon is free in Puno city you can spend time walking around. Well, you could observe the remainder of a temple. After the tour, you’ll have an opportunity to learn more about the city for yourselves. Moreover, it provides you a chance to see elements of the nation you normally wouldn’t have seen.

Visit Lake Titicaca if it is possible for 2 days or other off-beaten-path activities, the lake is the greatest navigated subject of water on the planet and is among the largest.

Book Lake Titicaca tours

It is possible to select your perfect drop point in Puno at the right time of ticket booking.

An all-inclusive package will stay a less expensive trip.


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