2 days
Puno, Peru
Upon request

llachon tour priceThis Luquina homestay tour allows you to visit Taquile island and sleep in one of the local houses at the peninsula of Chucuito (Luquina chico),  conditioned to receive tourists, will be attended by local people and in the afternoon we will be able to observe birds and the beautiful landscape of Lake Titicaca.

Day 1: Floating islands Taquile and Luquina

It begins at 6:45 in the morning, first stop is the famous floating islands, a group of more than 70 handmade floating islands inhabited by the Uros, an ethnic group of fishermen, part of an ancestral group, after this magic experience we will depart to Taquile, here we get the chance to enjoy the spectacular views of Lake Titicaca. A long path gradually ascending will take us to the village, the views are unique and worth’s. 30 minutes hike to reach the communal cooperative where you will find handy craft textiles of high quality. We will have lunch at the local restaurant, After lunch descends towards the harbor to go to Luquina chico community (Luquina homestay), our last stop in the day. here in Luquina chico community, we hike to one lookout to see Titicaca shores and wait for the sunset, after dinner Luquina homestay.

Day 2: from Luquina to Puno

At 8:00 breakfast free time to walk around, you can go to the top of the hill to see the magnificent landscape.

After lunch, you must be ready to depart towards Puno. Arrival time by 15:00.

Luquina homestay tour itinerary

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION At your selected hotel.
INCLUDEDEntrance fee.
Motor boat.
Professional English speaking guide.
2 meals the first day, 2 meals the second day.
Accommodation in Luquina (homestay)
NOT INCLUDEDOptional reed boat in Uros floating island.
Tips, water, snacks, extra expenses.
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