Cusco to Puno tour

Cusco to Puno tour is a beautiful route to visit the lake Titicaca using, you can take different transport like bus, train, or airplane. The distance by bus going straight is about 7 hours, by train is about 10 hours and by airplane may be less than 1 and a half hours.


  1. Lake Titicaca from Cusco by bus
  2. From Cusco to Puno by train
    1. Train From Cusco to Puno frecuency
    2. Train From Cusco to Puno price
    3. Train from Puno to Cusco
  3. Flights from Cusco to Puno

Cusco Puno options

By bus

Cusco to Puno bus is a very good option if you want to visit as much as you can in tight time, this tour bus from Cusco offers a lot of fun and is safe and comfortable travel because you will not be sitting for a long time. You will do some stops to see churches, temples, and museums and you will stop to have a decent buffet lunch. But the ride is long depart by 7:00 means that you will be picked up by 6:30 and arrives by 17:00.

Cusco Puno cost

First, you will stop at Andahuaylillas church this was built during the 17th century and it is also known as “The Sistine Chapel of America” because of the beauty and profusion of its murals, the ornaments in gold leaf, and more. Then you will visit Raqchi, also known as the Temple of VIRACOCHA, the supreme deity in the Inca civilization you will see the biggest amount of barns and we will see magnificent constructions in stone and sun-dried bricks. Then la Raya is the border between Cusco and Puno, at a height of over 4.335 meters above sea level and you will be able to see the famous Chimboya Glacier where the Amazon River is born. You will be able to take pictures of the landscape. Finally the museum of Pukara, this culture was developed between the years 1600 B.C. and 400 A.D. on a high plateau located, in this museum we can find pottery and sculptures representing zoomorphic figures, amongst which we can see the famous sculpture of the HATUNÑAQAC, meaning in our language “The Supreme Executioner”.

Cusco Puno tour

by Train

From Cusco there is a very luxury to lake Titicaca, depart by 8:00 and arrive at the city of lake Titicaca about 6 hours but maybe a little bit later.

Train Cusco Puno or vice-versa

Meals on board are really nice, lunch used to be included and one drink like coffee or tea or a glass of wine, there is like tea time in the morning and afternoon as well. It has a bar and wagon with a balcony to see the landscape.

It looks like a Pullman train, right? Very nice ride if you enjoy the landscape and kind of luxury experience. About the prices and the frequency


Unfortunately, this service is not available every day, just Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.


The price for this magnificent service is very high between 350 to 370 USD each.

Train Puno Cusco

Is the same service but there is a big difference in the price.


They are LATAM airlines and AVIANCA airlines. These two companies offer some frequencies that take like 1 hour and a half, there are direct flights and also with scale obviously the flight with scale will be cheaper than the direct. But you will not arrive in Puno because there are no airports the airport is one hour far from Puno city. You will arrive at Juliaca airport. This city is known also by the locals as an unsafe city, so you must arrange your transfer to your selected hotel in advance.


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