1 day
Puno, Peru
Daily departures

Taquile speed boat tour is very similar to Uros and Taquile classic with the difference that the navigation time significantly decreases. It begins at 7:30 am with a transfer from your hotel to the port. We then travel by speed boat to visit the Uros floating Islands first. The boat has a covered section in case of rain or cold weather. Stepping on the floating islands feels like a waterbed but it is quite safe to walk on them. We take a look at 2 of the 60 floating islands found on a channel among the reeds and may also arrange rides on traditional reed boats.

Then we continue after one hour and 25 minutes of speed boat journey we get to Taquile island. Here, a distinctive community could be observed. A lengthy progressively climbing path takes us to the primary village and it is well worth the hike of roughly 40 minutes. In the primary square there you’ll have some shopping opportunities, we go to the communal cooperative after these as part of the Taquile speed boat tour we have lunch at the local restaurants with outstanding views of the lake. Later we get back to the pier departing at 14:00 approximately.

We arrive back at Puno’s port at roughly 16:00 after which transfer you to definitely your hotel.

Taquile speed boat tour details

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION At your elected hotel.
INCLUDEDEntrance fees.
Speed Motor boat.
Professional English speaking guide.
NOT INCLUDEDLunch, Tips, water, snacks, extra expenses.

What do you need to take

For Uros Taquile islands tour we advise to take with you the following:

  • Sunscreen, the sun is very strong
  • Bottle of water, drinking enough water at the level of the lake is very important otherwise the altitude sickness synthons appear very quickly.
  • Raincoat, if you visit the Uros and Taquile between December to March.
  • Hiking shoes, the difficulty of the hike is low but some parts of the route might be a step, hiking or baskets are advisable for Uros and Taquile islands full day tour.
  • Cash, solars, or dollars, to buy souvenirs you must take cash with you on Uros Taquile tour nobody accept cards.
  • Cap or hats, you will be exposed to the sun few hours, and the sun at the level of the lake is very strong you advise to use them all the time during Uros Taquile islands tour.


What you will see during Uros and Taquile islands full day tour

Uros: You will see the lifestyle of this Aymara culture, these people live on handmade islands they use a plant known as “Totora” or in English reeds, and they cut to eat to build their islands and houses, you will see how they are still leaving in a floating town with kinder garden, primary school, and church.

Taquile: This island is known as a men’s knitting island, since very young they are knitting hats known in Peru as “Chullo”, you will see married man hats, single man hats, and all the culture they are still practicing like the Inca’s laws (Ama Sua, Ama Quella, Ama Llulla) what is something like don’t be a lier, don’t steal, don’t be lazy. Despite the time and modernity, they are still keeping their traditions like Ayni which is something like today for me tomorrow for you.

You will enjoy on Taquile island the delicious meal that is quinoa soup, and grilled trout, for vegetarians there is also a vegetarian option.

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