Embark on a Spectacular Bus Journey from Puno to La Paz via Kasani

Set off on an extraordinary adventure from the lakeside city of Puno in Peru to the bustling metropolis of La Paz in Bolivia, traversing the stunning Andean highlands and the serene shores of Lake Titicaca. This bus route offers a unique blend of cultural exploration and breathtaking natural beauty, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking a memorable and scenic journey.

Starting Point: Puno, Peru

Your trip begins in Puno, a city steeped in history and rich cultural traditions, situated on the banks of Lake Titicaca. Known as the folkloric capital of Peru, Puno is famous for its vibrant festivals, traditional dances, and colorful markets. Before you board the bus, take time to explore the city’s attractions, including the fascinating Uros floating islands, where indigenous communities have lived for centuries on man-made reed islands.

The Journey: Through the Heart of the Andes

Departing from Puno, the bus journey takes you across the breathtaking Altiplano, a high-altitude plateau that offers spectacular views of the Andes mountains. This region is characterized by its expansive landscapes, dotted with small villages and grazing herds of alpacas and llamas. As you travel, you’ll witness the rugged beauty of the Andean terrain, with its vast plains, towering peaks, and clear blue skies.

Border Crossing: Kasani

Your route will take you to the border town of Yunguyo, where you’ll cross into Bolivia at the Kasani border post. The border crossing is typically a smooth process, with our knowledgeable bus staff ready to assist you with any necessary immigration formalities. As you step into Bolivia, you’ll immediately notice the rich cultural heritage and welcoming atmosphere that define this beautiful country.

Scenic Stop: Copacabana, Bolivia

En route to La Paz, the journey includes a stop in Copacabana, a charming town nestled on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Copacabana is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and the iconic Basilica of Our Lady of Copacabana. Here, you can take a moment to explore the town, visit the local markets, or simply enjoy the tranquil lakeside views.

Continuing the Journey: To La Paz

Leaving Copacabana, the bus continues its scenic route towards La Paz. The road winds through the picturesque countryside, offering panoramic views of Lake Titicaca and the surrounding mountains. As you approach La Paz, the landscape becomes increasingly dramatic, with deep valleys and steep cliffs.

Destination: La Paz, Bolivia

Arriving in La Paz, you will be greeted by one of the world’s highest capital cities, set against the stunning backdrop of the snow-capped Illimani mountain. La Paz is a vibrant metropolis that seamlessly blends traditional culture with modern urban life. The city’s unique topography, with its steep hills and narrow streets, offers spectacular views from every angle.

Comfort and Convenience

Our buses are designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience for your journey. Enjoy spacious seating, air conditioning, and large windows for optimal sightseeing. Friendly staff ready to assist you throughout the trip.

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The type of vehicle is according to number of passengers:

  • Between 1-4 passengers price is $275.
  • Between 5-8 passengers price is $385.

* Notice: You will change the transport at the border to continue to Copacabana and the transport will drop you off at your elected hotel.

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