Puno Bolivia tour best programs

Puno Bolivia tour, there are options to travel from Puno crossing the border to Bolivia, one option is private shuttle with no stops, the other options is visiting diferent places like Aramu Muru doorway, Chucuito fertility temple, Juli, acording to your schedule you can visit all of them or just go strait to Bolivia; if you are going to Bolivia you can visit Tiwanaku in route.

Puno Bolivia tour best programs

Aramu Muru doorway

An abandoned stone place in Peru, near Lake Titicaca, known as a “Gate of the Gods”, portal and stargate. It remained after Incan civilization. The doorway itself looks like a big T letter, carved into the rock wall. An adult person could fit into the doorway. There are old legends that people traveled in space through the portal. Aramu Muru could be classified as a mystical artifact, though its paranormal features yet to be scientifically proven. The place is a popular tourist destination for paranormal pilgrimage.

Chucuito fertility temple

Inka Uyu (Aymara for Inca yard, also spelled Inca Uyo, Inca Uyu), is a site of cut-stone structures found at the site of Chucuito in Peru.[1][2] Inka Uyu is a part of one of the two plazas that make up the site of Chucuito. Inka Uyu is one of the most interesting structures in the Titicaca Basin as it is an arrangement of carved stones protruding from the earth within a walled rectangular ruin. The site is a walled enclosure next to a Santo Domingo church. The 86 carved stones are five-foot high mushroom-shaped stones. After archaeological study, it was determined that the stones were ancient and from local quarries. There is some disputation that the stones have been moved, as the original excavation did not describe them being arranged upright into rows, as they are found today. The structures was first excavated by Harry and Marion Tschopik, archaeologists who specialized in Peru, in 1950, who said the structures were built in an “Inca style”. It was then further excavated by Orompelio Vidal in the 1960s. He worked on clearing the plaza surrounding structures. He found and replaced the upper row of stones at the site.

The purpose of the site is still unknown, although some say it was an ancient fertility temple where fertility rites took place. This is due to the mushroom shape that people attribute to penises and that they are pointing towards the sky, towards Inti (the Inca sun god) and Pachamama (the Inca mother earth goddess). It was said to cure many women of their infertility.

Tiwanaku from Puno Bolivia tour

Tiwanaku is already in the Bolivian side, if you want to visit the best way to visit this place is do it in route from Puno to Bolivia, this places is very famous because of their importance and dimensions.


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