Private tours lake Titicaca allows you to visit Uros floating island, Taquile island, Amantani island, llachon, luquina chico (Titicaca islands) another option is take the tour as a group service. But definitely the best option is, because as a private service you can decide the hours of travel, including visiting less tourist places, adding a bonus to your trip and making it an incredible experience. Contrary to what private service tours think are not very costly, but it will also depend on the size of your group and the places and type of services you want to take. Video If you want to take group tour to lake Titicaca instead of the private tour to lake titicaca is still good. How do I book private tours lake Titicaca? It is very simple to write us an email indicating the number of people the places you want to visit and our travel tailor will respond as soon as possible. You can contact us by filling out the contact form or sending us an email directly to:  

Trips to Peru has long been the darling of adventure travel an country that combines the Amazon, the Andes, the ever-changing sands of desert dunes and ruins. All of these ruins of empires long lost cannot help but inspire adventure-lust. Peru is broken into three distinct geographic regions desert, Andean mountains and tropical rainforest it almost feels as though Peru is several distinct countries rolled into one. In addition, its fresh local cuisine and vibrant culture means Peru tours continues to hold the allure that it has maintained for so long. Travel in Peru is definitely a memorable and multifaceted experience. Content Peruvian culture Peru geography Peruvian history Best time for Peru tours When travel to Peru Guide of pervuvian food Top Attractions and highlights in Peru Machu Picchu and the Inca trail Amazon jungle Lake Titicaca Ballestas islands Nazca lines Colca canyon Huacachina Lima Cuzco Best Peru tours list Peru all inclusive packages The currency is nuevo sol, try to carry small denomination notes and coins, especially when heading to markets as larger notes will likely not be accepted. Torn and defaced money may not be accepted by vendors, so make sure that any notes you receive are not overly damaged, neither too old. ATMs are found almost everywhere and accept international cards such as Visa and Mastercard. Many ATMs will also let you withdraw amounts in both nuevo sol and US dollars. US dollars are often an acceptable form of payment in major tourist areas by businesses such as hotels and travel agents and handicraft markets. Higher end restaurants and hotels may include a service charge and taxes on top of the bill. If service charge is not added a tip of 10% is usually appropriate. Taxi drivers do not expect to be tipped but tour leaders, locals guides and

You can travel from Puno to Arequipa in a diferent transports like: tour bus or airplain or even local bus, other option is travel from Chivay visiting the Colca canyon. From Puno to Arequipa By bus     To travel from Puno to Arequipa there are buses leaving by 8:30 and 14:00 local buses leave even more often bu just few of them are realiable, we will not recommend you to take the local buses cause they may stop in route to pick up more people so you and your belongs will be in risk. Some reliable companies are: cruz del sur, transzela, huayruro, tour peru; you must book these tickets with an travel agency cause in high season for tourism there wont be places and they may be very expensive. The most reliable company is cruz del sur bus but is more expensive than the others. The bus ride will be very long around 7 hours, and you must buy snacks and water before depart. When you will arrive you will see some informal companies offering really cheap excursions and offering taxi rides, like in other bus stations in all over Peru, but if you will arrange this kind of servise, you may not be safe neither your belongs. You will see taxi drivers outside of the bus station but if you dont speak spanish will be very dificult. Some hotels offer complementary transport from the bus station and early check inn out of charge, but you have to ask before. From Arequipa to Puno Bus Chivay Puno There is a bus going from Chivay it calls 4m, depart at 12:30 from “La Pascana” but its gonna be really expensive. Is better to arrange as part of a package starting from Arequipa ending in Puno, in this way you will

Cusco to Puno is a beautil route to visit the lake Titicaca using , you can take diferents transport like bus, train or airplain. The distance by bus going straight is about 7 hours, by train is about 10 hours and by airplain may be less than 1 and a half hours. Content Lake Titicaca from cusco by bus From Cusco to Puno by train Train From Cusco to Puno frecuency Train From Cusco to Puno price Train from Puno to Cusco Flights from Cusco to Puno Cusco Puno options By bus Cusco to Puno bus is a very good option if you want to visit as much you can with tight time, this tour bus from cusco offer a lot of fun and is safe and confortable travel because you will not be sitting for a long time. You will do some stops to see churchs, temples, museums and you will stop to have have a decent buffet lunch. But the ride is long depart by 7:00 means that you will be picked up by 6:30 and arrives by 17:00. Cusco Puno cost First you will stop in Andahuaylillas church this was built during the 17th century and it is also known as “The Sistine Chapel of America” because of the beauty and profusion of its murals, the ornaments in gold leaf and more. Then you will visit Raqchi, also known as the Temple of WIRACOCHA, supreme deity in the Inca civilization you will see biggest amount of barns and we will see magnificent constructions in stone and sun-dried bricks. Then la Raya what is the border between Cusco and Puno, at a height of over 4.335 meters above the sea level and you will be able to see the famous Chimboya Glacier where the Amazon River is born. You