Edgar Adventures Puno Peru
edgar adventures puno peru

Compare Edgar Adventures with other companies and read all the pros and cons of visiting lake Titicaca Express or Colca canyon or Machu Picchu as part of a Edgar Adventure tour.

Edgar Adventures, is one of the several travel agencies in Puno. It operates tours across Puno and Arequipa for people who want to travel responsible. But are they what they say?.

The most popular of their services is Titicaca Express tour, it cost about 75USD to visit the island in the lake Titicaca but they don’t have daily departures. And actually they aren’t not very responsible with the locals nor with their payroll, means guides and office staff, they have online reputation as responsible travel agency but is known but the locals and Peruvians as really bad travel agency.

They can forget to pick you up from your hotel as you can see in his trip advisor profiles, they can even forgot to arrange your services like hotels and transport.

Below is summary of some pros and cons of  Edgar Adventures.


  • Big boats:If you book Titicaca express (75USD day tour) you will have a huge and fast boat for 45 passengers.
  • Guides:They have such a good guides in English (but actually they work all the time with freelance guides).
  • Transport:They have their own buses and boats (some aren’t as good) as you may expect.


  • Price: Is such a huge difference.
  • Lack of Flexibility: If you get sick for the altitude or something you can’t change the date of your tour you will pay again.
  • Lack of local benefits: As they have a lot of buses and boat they don’t arrange local services so they don’t contribute to the people who live in the islands.
  • Delayed answer: Their sales department is very slow, you might have answers in few days or just don’t get one.

Again, whilst the price is a little high and you don’t mind about price and being in such a big group or be forgotten at your hotel, you have that option.

In summary, we would recommend Edgar Adventures if you don’t mind about locals and the high prices they have, but if mind all these things you have other good options too.

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