G Adventures Peru

g adventures peru

G Adventures Peru (GAP) Compare G Adventures Peru with alternative firms and skim all the pros and cons of visiting Peru as a part of a G Adventures tour. G Adventures Peru or GAP because it was their name at the beginig, is one of the most important tour cluster operators in Peru and South America. It operates tours across South American country for folks of all ages and typically in cluster sizes of 15+ people. G Adventures South America runs tours from capital of Peru (Lima) to Cusco, Cusco to Lima and tours as way as Uyuni in La Paz. Their tours don’t run daily and instead run at fixed dates throughout the year, thus it’s vital to check their schedule before booking the trip. G Adventures (GAP) Peru They additionally reserve the right to cancel journeys if there aren’t enough individuals engagedon the trip, thus this is often a awfully vital issue to think about once booking with them. Below is outline of some advantages and disadvantages of G adventure tours. Advantages : Small groups: you

Best bus from Cusco to Puno

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In this post, you will best bus from Cusco to Puno, the different services available to travel from Cusco to Puno, direct buses, buses with stops, the route of the sun as know as Ruta del sol, and more. Table of contents Cusco Puno buses Direct bus Tourist bus Cusco to Puno own your own Recommendations Cusco to Puno buses and prices Direct bus There are buses from Cusco to Puno, but you must book in advance in order to have a seat available there are several companies Inka Express bus, Transzela, Cruz del Sur, and more but not all

Edgar Adventures Puno Peru

edgar adventures puno peru

Compare Edgar Adventures with other companies and read all the pros and cons of visiting lake Titicaca Express or Colca canyon or Machu Picchu as part of a Edgar Adventure tour. Edgar Adventures, is one of the several travel agencies in Puno. It operates tours across Puno and Arequipa for people who want to travel responsible. But are they what they say?. The most popular of their services is Titicaca Express tour, it cost about 75USD to visit the island in the lake Titicaca but they don’t have daily departures. And actually they aren’t not very responsible with the locals

Holidays in Peru

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The best holidays in Peru definitely include activities outside of Machu Picchu. The top tourist attractions in Peru include everything from kayakin, treking, and even exploring peruvian cuisine. Peru used to be one of the most backward countries in Latin America. Bolivia and Peru were two peas in a pod in that respect. Peru, unlike Bolivia, has recently turned the corner and it is beginning to become of the most prosperous nations in the region; fantastic news for travel agencies and sites such as Highland Adventures. Tourists no longer visit Peru for just Machu Picchu. Content Cusco Peru holidays Machu Picchu Peru

Avoid altitude sickness in Peru?

avoid altitud sickness

Altitude sickness is known as soroche or mountain sickness in Peru; is an organic reaction to the lack of oxygen the body feels to climb to altitudes not used by anyone. It is a temporary discomfort, which rarely has serious consequences and you can perfectly avoid altitude sickness. Travelers should be prepared and have a lot of patience to stay well if they are doing work of adventure, a ride height or climbing in high areas. Some tourists feel altitude sickness when boarding a plane bound for the Peruvian highlands. The first symptoms usually appear within the first 12 hours

Before you travel to peru

If you plan to travel to Peru you must be prepared and read these things to know before travel to Peru. You need to be informed about its great diversity of regions. Therefore, there are important details that you should consider before coming: Content Visas Altitud sickness Peruvian currency and money exchange International boarding pass   To know before you travel to peru: 1. Visas One of the 10 things to know before you travel to peru, first you have all your documents in order ( passport and identification) . Most countries in Latin America and Western Europe do not need

Puno Bolivia tour best programs

Puno Bolivia tour, there are options to travel from Puno crossing the border to Bolivia, one option is private shuttle with no stops, the other options is visiting diferent places like Aramu Muru doorway, Chucuito fertility temple, Juli, acording to your schedule you can visit all of them or just go strait to Bolivia; if you are going to Bolivia you can visit Tiwanaku in route. Puno Bolivia tour best programs Aramu Muru doorway An abandoned stone place in Peru, near Lake Titicaca, known as a “Gate of the Gods”, portal and stargate. It remained after Incan civilization. The doorway itself

Peru tours cheap

Peru tours cheap

  Peru tours has long been the darling of adventure travel an country that combines the Amazon, the Andes, the ever-changing sands of desert dunes and ruins. All of these ruins of empires long lost cannot help but inspire adventure-lust. Peru is broken into three distinct geographic regions desert, Andean mountains and tropical rainforest it almost feels as though Peru is several distinct countries rolled into one. In addition, its fresh local cuisine and vibrant culture means Peru tours continues to hold the allure that it has maintained for so long. Peru is definitely a memorable and multifaceted tour experience. Content

Puno to Arequipa bus or flight

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You can travel from Puno to Arequipa in a diferent transports like: tour bus or airplain or even local bus, other option is travel from Chivay visiting the Colca canyon. From Puno to Arequipa By bus     To travel from Puno to Arequipa there are buses leaving by 8:30 and 14:00 local buses leave even more often bu just few of them are realiable, we will not recommend you to take the local buses cause they may stop in route to pick up more people so you and your belongs will be in risk. Some reliable companies are: cruz del

Cusco to Puno tour

Cusco to Puno tour is a beautiful route to visit the lake Titicaca using, you can take different transport like bus, train, or airplane. The distance by bus going straight is about 7 hours, by train is about 10 hours and by airplane may be less than 1 and a half hours. Content Lake Titicaca from Cusco by bus From Cusco to Puno by train Train From Cusco to Puno frecuency Train From Cusco to Puno price Train from Puno to Cusco Flights from Cusco to Puno Cusco Puno options By bus Cusco to Puno bus is a very good option if