Peru tours cheap

Peru tours cheap

  Peru tours has long been the darling of adventure travel an country that combines the Amazon, the Andes, the ever-changing sands of desert dunes and ruins. All of these ruins of empires long lost cannot help but inspire adventure-lust. Peru is broken into three distinct geographic regions desert, Andean mountains and tropical rainforest it almost feels as though Peru is several distinct countries rolled into one. In addition, its fresh local cuisine and vibrant culture means Peru tours continues to hold the allure that it has maintained for so long. Peru is definitely a memorable and multifaceted tour experience. Content

Puno to Arequipa bus or flight

cruz del sur

You can travel from Puno to Arequipa in a diferent transports like: tour bus or airplain or even local bus, other option is travel from Chivay visiting the Colca canyon. From Puno to Arequipa By bus     To travel from Puno to Arequipa there are buses leaving by 8:30 and 14:00 local buses leave even more often bu just few of them are realiable, we will not recommend you to take the local buses cause they may stop in route to pick up more people so you and your belongs will be in risk. Some reliable companies are: cruz del

Cusco to Puno tour

Cusco to Puno tour is a beautil route to visit the lake Titicaca using , you can take diferents transport like bus, train or airplain. The distance by bus going straight is about 7 hours, by train is about 10 hours and by airplain may be less than 1 and a half hours. Content Lake Titicaca from cusco by bus From Cusco to Puno by train Train From Cusco to Puno frecuency Train From Cusco to Puno price Train from Puno to Cusco Flights from Cusco to Puno Cusco Puno options By bus Cusco to Puno bus is a very good option